“…Ann-Sofie’s captivating voice and touching melodic sensibilities combined with simple acoustic accompaniment (…) makes for a truly delightful devotional experience.”

”Take a moment to listen and be transformed.”

- Jon Rezin, 9StarMedia

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Ann-Sofie Wensbo is a Swedish born singer, songwriter and composer whose musical hallmark is her melodious singing, her groovy acoustic guitar playing and her harmonic vocal arrangements.

Her music has long served as a source of solace and inspiration to people all over the world, not the least through her intoned compositions of the Baha’i Holy Writings, but also through her own songs with lyrics based on her own life experience.

Her first hand experiences of finding ways to redefine the world when the unthinkable happens, and her journey of recovery from losses and trauma, not only gives her music a deeper dimension, but also makes her an appreciated teacher and coach with a grounded, innovative ‘hands on’ approach to personal growth. 


The unique combination of Ann-Sofie’s intuitive and responsive listening, her embodied presence and grounded musicality has made her an internationally appreciated Playback Theatre Musician.   

*Playback Theatre (founded in 1975) is a form of improvisational theatre, where real life stories of the audience are authentically being mirrored and ‘played back’ by an ensemble of actors and musician(s). A 'conductor’ facilitates the connection between the audience and the ensemble through interviews with the audience. The vision of Playback Theatre is "Building Communities of Understanding - One Story at a Time".



Since 2006 Ann-Sofie has been a musician, ’soundscaper’ and producer of the Swedish Playback Theatre* company Teater X, founded in 1999. In the last 10+ years, the company has gained international recognition within the Playback World for its unique brand of Playback Theatre, including musical collaboration and improvised singing on stage, something that Ann-Sofie has had a central part in developing. 




Having grown up in a home where music was highly appreciated, Ann-Sofie discovered her musical interest and talent at an early age. As a 10-year old she picked up the guitar and a year later she wrote and performed her first song. At 13 she joined her first rock band on electric guitar and backing vocals and at 15 she went on her first European tour as the guitarist of a youth big band. 

Since then Ann-Sofie has sung and played in several bands and constellations, both her original material and covers. She has a music teacher’s education from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden, has founded her own local pop choir and has a vast experience as a Life Ceremony Musician, singing at weddings, funerals and other life ceremonies. 




As a 17-year old Ann-Sofie started putting the Baha’i Writings to music, and her intoned compositions have been loved and sung around the world long before their official release with this album in 2006.


It is a devotional album of acoustic songs which serve well as a source for reflection, meditation and inspiration.


All songs are performed by Ann-Sofie Wensbo (vocals & guitar) and Maria Andersson (vocal harmonies). All lyrics are from the Baha'i Writings, and all music and arrangements by Ann-Sofie Wensbo.

Produced by Ann-Sofie Wensbo

Recorded & mixed by Jerker Eklund

Photograph & Artwork by Daniela Überfeld 

Mastered by Henrik Jonsson


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An original song about the life and martyrdom of the Báb (one of the central figures of the Baha’i Faith), written in 2007 and released in 2019 for the Bicentenary (200th Anniversary) of the Birth of the Báb.


Lyrics: Scott Rizzo & Ann-Sofie Wensbo

Music: Ann-Sofie Wensbo

Lead Vocal: Ann-Sofie Wensbo

Background Vocals: Maria Andersson, Rasmus Blomqvist, Ann-Sofie Wensbo

Guitar: Ann-Sofie Wensbo

Double Bass: Heiko Bärnholdt

Percussion: Ann-Sofie Wensbo & Jerker Eklund

Arranged & produced by Ann-Sofie Wensbo

Mixed by Jerker Eklund

Mastered by Classe Persson

Photograph & Artwork: Ann-Sofie Wensbo (taken of the rauks in Gotland, Sweden)


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A prayer by 'Abdu'l-Bahá, put to music and performed by Ann-Sofie Wensbo.

Filmed and recorded in Stockholm, Sweden, October 2018 for the "Baha’i Blog Studio Sessions”, BahaiBlog.net.


A prayer by Baha’u’llah, put to music by Ann-Sofie Wensbo. Performed by Ann-Sofie Wensbo and Rasmus Blomqvist.

Filmed and recorded in Stockholm, Sweden, October 2018 for the "Baha’i Blog Studio Sessions”, BahaiBlog.net.


A selection from “The Hidden Words of Baha’u’llah”, put to music by Shahram Mansoory (melody) with chords and arrangement by Ann-Sofie Wensbo. Performed in Swedish by Shahram Mansoory and Ann-Sofie Wensbo.

Filmed and recorded in Stockholm, Sweden, October 2018 for the "Baha’i Blog Studio Sessions”, BahaiBlog.net.


A prayer by Abdu’l-Baha, put to music by Ann-Sofie Wensbo. Performed in both Swedish and English by Ann-Sofie Wensbo, Rasmus Blomqvist, Sasha Semenova and Nora Emadén.

Filmed and recorded in Stockholm, Sweden, October 2018 for the "Baha’i Blog Studio Sessions”, BahaiBlog.net.



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